What You Need to Know Before a Road Trip

What You Need to Know Before a Road Trip

Planning on going on a road trip with your RV?  Every vacation plan starts with a perfect plan of destinations, activities, and routes.  But when do plans go exactly as expected?  Here are some simple items to account for to ensure simple issues do not turn into major situations:

  • Remote Maintenance
    Modern technology often gives people a false sense of security.  Cell phones area great in urban settings, but in the remote destinations RV’s rome there can be large dead zones without connectivity.  Anything mechanical can break whether from use or impact with road debris.  Would you be prepared if an incident occurred while in a cell dead zone 100 miles from civilization?  Although it is impossible to prepare for all situations, here is a small list of items to keep on hand that will not take up much storage space.  A basic tool box with SAE/Metric socket sets, channel locks, screw drivers, duct tape, and a knife. 1 ft sections of high compression hoses and clamp with diameters of 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3, and 2.5.  It is not perfect, but if any hose breaks the broken section can be removed and these sections can be pieced together well enough to make it to civilization.  Other key items would be coolant, oil, and a spare drive belt.  These items will not completely fix this issue, but may let you drive to the nearest mechanic instead of walking.
  • Modifications and Repair
    Determining whether to make modifications or repairs should be relative to your upcoming trips.  Priorities will be different between taking a weekend trip 30 minutes from home versus a 6 month trip across the country.  For short adventures, basic functionality is key.  Are the engine, generators, and bathrooms working properly?   Being uncomfortable for a few nights is much different than being miserable for 6 months.  For longer trips, amenities will become more important.  Does your temperature control work properly?  Will your bed make you beg for a chiropractor after every nights sleep?   Do the outlets supplying power to the coffee maker work?  We can help with any motor coach repair in Georgia or upgrade your units with custom fabrication in Georgia.
  • Plan Your Route
    A standard US parking space is 8.5-9.0 ft wide and between 10-18ft long.  Self driving RV’s can be long as 45 ft with truck trailer combo’s even longer.  Sliding RV sections can make a unit 25 ft wide.  And considering the roof is covered by climate control systems and satellites, don’t expect to pull into a standard drive thru restaurant or parking garage.  Make sure on your route there are designated places you can park and regroup if necessary.  Also note areas that have shoreline supplies and what kind of connectors are required to utilize them.

Taking an RV out on a road trip can be one of the most fun and memorable things you will ever do. However, make sure your RV is in good condition, you have a good route, you prepare for general issues, and that you have considered repairing or upgrading amenities for longer trips to ensure your memories bring a smile to your face.  Atlanta Custom Coach Inc. can help with any motor coach repair in Georgia.

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