Van Life vs. RV Life– Which Would You Choose?


A lot of people have been exploring van life in the US. Van life is exciting as it allows you to travel cross-country, see beautiful sceneries, enjoy meeting new people, and indulge in new experiences while having your personal home with you wherever you go!

People who go for van life are usually those who have a passion for nature and the great outdoors. A lot of creatives also find it fun to design their vans the way they want to. While van life may include the RV lifestyle, there are differences between the two. Their main similarity is that both fall under the category of motor coach.

The characteristics of van life include “parkability” or the ease in parking it anywhere, ripe for customization, high-quality aesthetics, and having little room for clothes, pets, and sports equipment. On the other hand, an RV has square footage for long-term occupation. It is sold fully complete, family-friendly, and has a full shower and kitchen.

While vans can easily be customized and redesigned, RVs are usually sold as a package already. However, for any motor coach, services are available for custom fabrication in Georgia as it is always attractive to make your home uniquely designed.

One of the difficulties in living on the road is dealing with engine problems and other broken-down parts. This is why we provide RV repair in Palmetto, Georgia. Having a place to run to or call when these technical problems occur is very important.

So, if you’re thinking about living on the road and traveling, which lifestyle would you choose— a van or RV? Call Atlanta Custom Coach Inc. to be enlightened! We are custom builders in Palmetto, Georgia.

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