Things to Consider Before Buying a Used RV


Not everyone likes tent camping, especially if you’re going to be staying outdoors for a number of days. Atlanta Custom Coach Inc. completely understands that you want to be able to enjoy the peace and fresh air of the outdoors without having to sleep on hard ground.

Our best advice is to invest in your own RV, especially if you’re planning to make camping a frequent hobby. But what if you can’t afford a brand new RV? Then opt for a used one.

But before you purchase the shiny used RV in your neighborhood, there are things to consider so you don’t end up draining your savings just for an RV repair in Palmetto, Georgia.

We’re master Custom Builders in Palmetto, Georgia, so we know a thing or two about picking out the perfect used RV for you, and your family. Take a look:

  • Know your budget
    That marble countertop may look pretty, but that may be a little over the budget. Also, consider how often you plan on going camping. Spending thousands of dollars just to go camping twice a year doesn’t make practical sense.
  • Look elsewhere
    Don’t just buy the first used RV you find. Always check for damages. You might as well buy a new one if you’re going to be paying for RV maintenance in Coweta County often.
  • Test it out
    Make sure that everything in your RV is working well. Take it out for a drive with the seller. Ask questions, and don’t be afraid to get into the details. Pay close attention to how they answer your questions.

If you found your RV, but you don’t like the look, our Custom Fabrication in Georgia has your back. Dial 770-463-5624 to learn more.

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