Staying Safe and Warm During Winter in Your RV


Did you know that it is possible to experience the great outdoors during cold months in your RV? All you really need to do is to keep your RV camper warm and toasty while you’re inside! Read on to learn how you can do it.

Most four seasons RVs come with thermal packages, but no matter how insulated it is, there are still several ways that it will lose heat. That’s why it is very important to keep it warm as much as you can during winter with the help of RV custom builders in Palmetto, Georgia.

It is common knowledge that skirting the pipes, batteries, and plumbing of your RV keeps them stay warm so they will not freeze nor burst. Also, consider using heat tape to wrap around your pipes and investing in a heated RV water hose. Doing this will prevent you from getting your RV repair in Palmetto, Georgia as these can help avoid freezing your water line.

Another way that RVs lose heat is through the windows. This can be prevented by adding a layer of sealant or caulk to your windows and doors as well as foam insulation boards, bubble insulation, and solar blankets. For extra warmth, ask for custom fabrication in Georgia like heavy-weight thermal curtains.

But the most important of all, you need to check and double-check the weather stripping in these areas to ensure that everything is all right. If you find any cracks or damages to the stripping, have your RV body repair in Georgia and have it replaced.

For more information about RVing during winter, contact Atlanta Custom Coach Inc. and learn more about the services that we offer.

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