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1947 Studebaker M16 Motor

Status: Antique

Negotiable: Yes



This may upset some people and it was not our idea, but we were hired to do a job. We converted a 1947 Studebaker M16 stump puller into rolling keg for Guinness Beer as a show truck. The biggest upgrade was replacing the motor/trans with one pulled from a Corvette. We still have the original motor/trans and looking for a good home.

Internet History: In 1947, the only Studebaker truck to use the Commander “Big Six” 226 ci engine w/ 6 blade shrouded fan was the M16. During the 40’s and 50’s, they earned high marks from operators for their reliability and economy. As a work truck, a postwar Studebaker could soldier on indefinitely: always starting, idling contentedly for hours on end and easily repaired with basic hand tools and basic mechanical knowledge. The low gears and high torque were the perfect farm help to pull stumps out of the ground or move bales of hay over rough terrain. Flashing forward….combining the existing high torque with modern gearing adjustments could turn this motor into unique hot rod power plant.