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Lennon Command Center
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Lennon Music
Lennon Music
Lennon Music
Lennon Command Center 2
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Lennon Music Studio Fisheye
Lennon Rest Station 2
Lennon Restroom
Lennon Restroom 2
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Lennon Foundation

The vision….anybody who even remotely appreciates music has been either moved by or listened to people who were inspired by the Beatles. Long after his death, John Lennon’s musical influence lives on thru the Lennon Foundation. Music is not just created in large cities where agents and studios are prevalent, but also in remote areas. Yoko Ono wanted a recording studio that contained all the state-of-the-art sound equipment and instruments, but could be transported to different venues across the county to ensure all music is shared with the world. We converted a 45’ Prevost Coach into a mobile studio emblazoned with the Lennon Foundation logo to continue John’s Legacy. With limited space, magic glass separated the compartments to limit distractions and provide an intimate setting for recording.