Prevent Fires from Starting in RV Refrigerators

Prevent Fires from Starting in RV Refrigerators

An RV fire can be catastrophic, according to custom builders in Palmetto, Georgia. However, it doesn’t have to happen if you prepare ahead of time. If a fire breaks out in a motorhome, however, it won’t be long before the RV is completely engulfed in flames unless you take some precautions.

The refrigerator is usually the cause of an RV fire, according to reports. Evaporative cooling is used in most RV refrigerators, which uses a propane burner or an electric element to provide heat. A fire will easily start if the propane burner on the back of the refrigerator overheats.

A fire hazard may arise from a lack of refrigerator maintenance, such as inspecting the refrigeration cooling unit compartment for rodents and insect nests.

The best way to avoid the above problems is to regularly check your refrigerator or have a licensed RV technician perform a safety inspection at least once a year.

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