Mobile Command Center

size of the generator

During events where increased support is required, rapid response units are deployed. To manage units over large areas and adapt to challenges as they evolve, mobile command centers can be deployed to keep resources connected and distributed to the appropriate areas. Command centers can be built using a special purpose vehicle or a custom trailer. Successful missions will depend on asking key questions to prepare for activities.

  • What is the power source?

    All modern equipment needs electricity to function, but a command center cannot be simply plugged into a standard outlet. Equipment can be run using shoreline power, but these connections are not always available. Units need to either have a built-in generator or be capable of connecting to a generator. The size of the generator will also need to be factored in as voltage will vary depending on the type of equipment being utilized.

  • What level of communication is needed?

    Having real time interconnectivity and on-site communication is critical. Knowing what is happening in the general area as well as contacting people outside for additional support if needed. The proper level of equipment can be installed to ensure the team is connected to the outside world even in times of natural disasters.

  • How long is the mission?

    If the team is going to be at the location for several days, general amenities should be considered. Bathrooms, refrigerators, and privacy areas can be planned into any unit. Space saving technology can also be used equipment racks and storage units for supplies.

Whether a special purpose vehicle or a trailer unit, custom fabrication in Georgia can prepare a team for success in any environment. With over 30 years of mobile experience, our team can help identify the key elements for a successful outing. Call Atlanta Custom Coach Inc.  at 770-463-5624 for a consultation.

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