How to Keep Your RV in the Best Condition


Your RV is your investment. Protect and maintain it with the following handy tips.

First, inspect the seams and roof seals. Leaks can lead to devastating results, damaging not just the appearance of your RV but also the components inside it. Check for water leaks every three months and more so during the rainy season. There are sealants appropriate for your roof seams.

Always check your tire pressure. Tighten the wheel lug nuts before hitting the road for a safe journey. Your RV is only as good as the batteries that keep it running. Keep them charged whenever you can. Check the type of batteries to note when you may need to replace them.

An effective wastewater system is important to maintain convenience. The improper water system in your RV can cause build-up which will lead to system clogging, operation failure, and seizing of valves. Work with the right chemicals for the type of water waste you are dealing with.

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