Discover Effective Tips for Finding the Right RV Floor Plan


A good floor plan is important in any home but is crucial in the limited space of a recreational vehicle. Through the assistance of custom builders in Palmetto, Georgia, you can find the perfect RV with the right floor plan that suits your lifestyle and needs. Likewise, here are tips for finding the right RV layout:

  • Entry Door Location
    Most recreational vehicles are designed to maximize traffic flow in a relatively small space. However, some models will have different layouts. So, one of the factors to consider when it comes to the floor plan is the entry door location. An entry door located near the kitchen is best if you prefer to dine outdoors while a mid-ship entry door provides easier access in case of an emergency.
  • Wall Slides
    Also called tip-outs or pop-outs, wall slides add valuable space to your recreational vehicle. If you prefer to have more space in the living room or bedroom, consider choosing an RV layout with wall slides. There is also the option of an RV remodel in Georgia to change the floor plan to use existing wall slides to your advantage.
  • Space Optimization Features
    RVs can undergo custom fabrication in Georgia to optimize available storage space. This can include a swiveling cab, dinettes, pop-up countertops, and a couch that reclines and transforms into a bed. These are all excellent space optimization features that are ideal if your RV has limited space.

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