Benefits of a Mobile Clinic

Benefits of a Mobile Clinic

Receiving medical treatment typically requires traveling to a hospital where doctors have the skillset and equipment to treat a variety of issues. The distance between hospitals can be cover great distances and issues cannot be scheduled. When large groups of people gather at events, the law of averages says some portion of those people will require medical attention in some form.

The current challenges of Covid-19 have shown the public what tools the government has to treat large groups of people. Images of tents covering open fields or outdoor sports facilities are constantly in the news. Tents can be sufficient if the weather cooperates, but what happens in high winds or rainstorms? It can also be inefficient since placement of equipment and supplies depends on the person setting up the tent.

A mobile clinic provides a sanitary shelter from the elements for evaluations and treatments. It can also provide other benefits when time is of essence.

  • Climate controlled
  • Built in generator to power equipment
  • Able to carry and protect specialized equipment
  • Refrigerators for carrying medicine or blood supplies
  • Storage cabinets for easy inventory
  • Efficiency lighting

And because they are mounted on a truck chassis, it can be transported to a wide array of events (sports, rally’s, festivals, natural disasters, etc.). The mobility of the of the units and capabilities can be customized depending on needs. Atlanta Custom Coach Inc. are experts at custom fabrication in Georgia. We have experience building units ranging in size from small vans to 45 foot long trucks. Our team can help you determine the elements needed for any given circumstances. Call us at 770-463-5624 for further details.

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