3 Tips for Maintaining Your RV

3 Tips for Maintaining Your RV

An RV is an amazing vehicle that allows you to travel just about anywhere you want in complete comfort. It is your home on the go, but it can also be used for many other purposes. However, being independent also means you are all alone if your RV breaks down. So here are three tips that you can use to keep your motor coach in the best condition possible:

  1. Find a Reliable Shop
    One of the first things that you will want to do is find a reliable shop that offers  both maintenance  and repair. These professionals will look over your vehicle on a regular basis and make sure that the maintenance is up to date, such as oil, tires, and fluids. They will also do any repairs if they find damages. This will ensure your RV remains safe to use at all times.
  2. Remember to Change Fluids
    One of the most important aspects of maintenance is making sure you change out the fluids.  Overuse, or lack of use, can have a negative impact on machinery. Unlike cars that tend to rely on mileage as a trigger for service, RV’s more often use time since they are driven less frequently. Flushing your lines and checking your systems prior to hitting the road gives a peace of mind that there are no blocked lines and fluids will not break down.
  3. Check Belts, Hoses, and Mounts
    Especially rubber components, but belts as well, need to be used. Rubber components have a protective compound added during manufacturing that is brought to the surface when they flex and compress. When a vehicle sits for long periods of time, these components are more vulnerable to damage from ozone and oxidation. Lack of use can cause the molecular chains to break down over time. A faulty connector could lead to minimal issues such as an irritating squeak when the generator runs if a mount fails, or it could leave you stranded with a broken drive belt. Cracks, abnormal wear, and expiration dates are all signs of an issue.

Keep your RV in the best condition possible through our motor coach repair in Georgia. If you need maintenance or any kind of repairs done, just visit Atlanta Custom Coach Inc. today. We are here to help you keep your motor coach running, so you can enjoy the road.

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