Atlanta Custom Coach Inc.

Custom Fabrication in Georgia

Each trip deserves comfort, safety, and style. At ATLANTA CUSTOM COACH INC., we can make this happen with RV Repair in Palmetto, Georgia. We meet your needs, whether they are mechanical, electrical, cosmetic, or unique. We assure your activities are a success by providing you with the best equipment tailored to your needs. [ About Us › ]

Custom Fabrication

When your specific needs cannot be pulled off a shelf, we can build it for you! We have years of experience converting visions into reality.

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Exterior Design

Whether you want to grab people’s attention or just promote simple elegance, we have the right combination of paint, wraps, and chrome.

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Interior Design

Why rely on others to tell you what looks good? Our team creates unique designs that are functional and meet YOUR style!

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Service And Repair

Our 20,000 sq ft facility is filled with the knowledge and tools to address any issues on special-purpose vehicles, or just provide peace of mind before traveling on a long adventure.

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